Hello! I'm Kit Sidhu

Full stack developer with a keen eye for clean and efficient code

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virtual pets amok project

Healthy Response

A mental health app providing resources & activities to help with emotional distress. Backend is a RESTful API using OOP in Java along with Spring Boot, JPA, Devtools, and H2 database. This API communicates with a standalone Single Page Client Side application which renders dynamically using Javascript, HTML, CSS.

mysery educator project

Mystery Educator

A single page application for an organization that specializes in offering niche adventures for children aged 6 - 13 to learn about science and art. The application pulls data from the publicly available NASA and Metropolitan Museum of Art APIs. Skills demonstrated in this application include working with APIs, Javascript, Java, HTML and CSS.

world trekking project

World Trekking

A group project for a Spring JPA application that provides a list of worldwide treks offered per continent and region, along with difficulty level. Skills demonstrated in this application include Spring Boot, Spring JPA, OOP as described by APIE, MVC Design, HTML and CSS.

About Me

  • Problem solver
  • Collaborator
  • Clean coder
  • Underwater twirler
  • Funny maker

I love to solve problems & want to make things that matter.

I care about making the world a better place, whether it’s in one small corner or on a global scale. I cherish the beauty in nature and life. Aside from coding, some of my favorite activities include scuba diving, kayaking, and gardening. Oh, and I love a good laugh... if you enjoy the knights who say Ni & wafer-thin mints (or not), please say hello!

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